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『Start Over』(2019)

"It is not too late to start over."

"We can try anything anytime! "

AYUMI painted this with her positive feeling like above. 


This is the first painting AYUMI painted at the first time in Singapore🌿

There are also other options of this painting.

・Poster (size A2)

・ ● limited poster with AYUMI's signature in her selected frame (●×●cm) 

・Replica (●×●cm)

 ※ We can custom order other sizes for you.

 ※ Original painting is already sold out.









『Regeneration -再生-』(2016)






『Heart of Gold -やさしいひと- 』(2015)


『AYUMI & hacco』(2015)




『inverted pyramid』(2013)





AYUMI ENDO - Illustration Card -( size 約210mm×148mm )英語版


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